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Audiovisual Presentation// The crisis from the point of view of the creative people

Esto es una presentación que tuve que hacer para un ejercicio en inglés, en él hablo sobre la crisis desde el punto de vista de la gente que se dedica al mundo creativo.


Hello everybody, my name is Astrid, and I'm going to talk about the crisis from the point of view of the creative people. I'd like to start by introducing myself. I'm twenty-four years old and I'm studying Audiovisual Communication degree. Before that, I studied for six years Vocational Education and I combined it with different hard jobs.

The audiovisual world is a wide world, and it has a lot of disciplines. The difference is that normally the people that work within these subjects in Spain, must know working all these subjects, for example, photography, illustration, art direction, computer graphics, video, law, sound, screenwriting, radio, television, narrative, scenic design, etc.
In contrast to the other developed countries where the professional people dedicate their knowledge only to one subject.
Let's now look at the main issue, the economic crisis. The crisis has affected all of us, but today I'm gonna to talk about it focusing in the computer-graphics, that are at its peak. Developments in computer graphics have had a profound impact on many types of media and have revolutionized animation, movies and the video game industry.
I've chosen this topic because I thought it's interesting. Although we are not aware of, all the things and objects that we use, including the social networks, applications, games, all these things are designed by someone and all we consume it, everyday, all the time.
Even tough all of you don't have knowledge of computer-graphics, you can apply this presentation by your own experience or job.

Turning to one of the more difficult moment, first of all, there are a lot of unemployed people. Without job, our salaries and the money saved disappears. We'll try to find a job, but there's no job for us. This situation will take us to critical moments, and any solution sounds good for the people without opportunities. One of the most popular solution it's to leave Spain and try to find a job in Germany, United Kingdom, China or the U.S.A.
With this personal crisis, the people stay at home and don't go out for don't spend so much money with unnecessary things. The culture costs money too, it's expensive to buy a book, go to the cinema, go to the museum or a gallery art. It's not very easy have a social life.
Specially, the people who likes the creativity, staying at home for a long time makes the people learn and create a new things. For the computer-graphics we need our computer and technical english, and we are a people who be always in the computer. We need many hours, many.
Maybe it will be better if we travel for looking for a job in another country and learn all the necessary technics, but when you finish maybe it'll be well if you come back to Spain for teach and broadcast for another interested people. Then, you can create your own business and your own projects.
Usually the professional companies of the computer-graphics are from U.S.A. and they work in numerous films, but it's very exploited, they have a lot of people there.

But if you will stay at home, the development of the social networks it's a good happening because it has a big connection around the world and you can show your works to everybody, and everybody can contact you for work together or in a project. You can use the most important social networks like Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Vimeo.
It's interesting because you can learn and stay in Spain at the same time. You are working in the net and you're improving yourself.
I think that if we work hard we'll have a good ideas and a better future.

Now I would give you a good example, this guys are 'Dvein', they are from Valencia and they were students of the University, and one day the Producers of Spiderman called them. // Spiderman film credits //

In California is working a man from Canary Island, his name it's Carlos Baena and he works in Pixar, he works in the films, specially he worked in 'Cars', and he has his own business, 'Animation Mentor'.

In Conclusion:
So, all the qualified and competent people are leaving the country, and my question it's “if the qualified and intelligent young leave Spain, ¿how will be our country in a few years?”.
Now, the government have cut the helps for studying at the university, and the students will pay almost the totality of the career, so only the powerful people will be able to study.

So I think that now it's the perfect moment for improve yourself and take the situation and don't take the easy way and leave our land, it'll be better if we work our heads and fight for our rights too.

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